• Ai Weiwei illy Art Collection

Ai Weiwei, a matter of perspective

“To express yourself needs a reason, but expressing yourself is the reason”.

The new illy Art Collection designed by Ai Weiwei is inspired by his famous Coloured Vases (2006), ancient Neolithic vases that the artist dipped into cans of industrial paint, radically changing their appearance and function.

With these desecrating ready-mades Ai Weiwei renews and transforms an artefact from the past into a work of contemporary art, through a process of appropriation and destruction. This gesture eliminates the historical and cultural value of the artefact, alluding to the systematic destruction of history and culture that has continued in China from the time of Mao to today's unbridled state capitalism.

For the first time, the Ai Weiwei illy Art Collection is available to buy in Australia. To view the stunning range of espresso and cappuccino cups, please click here.

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